TVS1 & TVS2 remain TelePresence Specialist courses & end-user certificate courses

During John Chamber’s keynote opening address at the Cisco Partner Summit in April he indicated that video remains a top priority for Cisco this year. We look forward to supporting our students throughout the exciting advancements in video communication technologies and products that are expected. Compass is pleased to be Cisco’s leading Learning Partner for TelePresence training in the US.

TVS1 & TVS2 remain Cisco’s TelePresence Specialization requirement for partners and the path for customers to receive certificate training on the full TelePresence product line. This will continue to be the case in 2012, and Compass will continue to provide these courses worldwide to Cisco employees, partners and customers. Because the newest product software includes changes and improvements to the TelePresence product line, Compass includes a supplement with our training to insure that students receive reference materials with the most current product information available.

Donna is the head of business development at Compass.