Having the MCU call out to Jabber Clients from TMS Booking

by Jason on October 4, 2012

There are a few steps to follow in order to have the MCU dial out to Jabber Clients in TMS booking. Before attempting to create a conference from TMS make sure the following parameters are set up:

  • An MCU must be aded to TMS for TMS to auto select the appropriate MCU. This can be performed by going to System> Navigator, selecting the folder the MCU is to be added to, and selecting the Add Device tab. Enter the IP address or URL of the MCU and select Save.
  • The Jabber users must be created in the provisioning directory (Setting up Provisioning of Jabber video clients is an involved process. Steps to accomplish this are covered in the TVS 2 class. You can navigate to our website, www.compassprogram.com, to view and sign up for one of our future classes).
  • The Provisioning Phonebook must include all of the Jabber Client contacts. You can verify the contacts are in the phonebook on TMS by going to Phone book> Manage Phone book. Select the Provisioning Phone book, then select the View Contacts tab. 

To creating a conference from TMS go to Booking > New Conference. This will bring up a page to set the conference parameters. Select the Add Participantbutton towards the bottom of the page. This will bring up a Pop Up window (you must have Pop Up Blocker turned off, or allow for an exception with this page in order to see it). Select the Phonebook tab on the new pop-up window. This will display entries from all phonebooks. To narrow the search down you may select the Phonebook drop down Menu and select the Provisioning Phone Book. From the newly populated list select the Jabber clients you wish to include in the conference and click OK. This will return you to the conference scheduling page and update the conference information. You can verify the entries selected under the Participants tab. You can also verify the route of the call by selecting the Connection Settings tab. To complete this conference booking select the Save Conference button at the bottom of the page and you are on your way.

Jason is a senior instructor at Compass Business Solutions.